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Passing the Guard  


Edward Beneville


Timothy Cartmell  


Never before has a book covered passing the guard in greater detail. This is a valuable resource for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu players, Judoka, submission wrestlers, and anyone interested in ground fighting.  

Passing the Guard covers:  

1.  Fundamentals of passing the guard.

2.  Passing from the knees.

3.  Standing guard passes.

4.  Defenses and counters to submissions and sweeps from the guard.

5.  Passing the half guard.

6.  Attacks while in the guard.

7.  Attacking the turtle position.

8.  Drills.  

In order to show how not to get caught while passing the guard, the book shows how many submissions work, which is to say the book covers how to perform many attacks from the guard.  

Over 1400 pictures.

Over 160 techniques.  

Over 50 ways to pass the guard.

Not just technique…DETAILS.

            Passing the Guard covers fine points crucial to successful guard passing.  

Full color.

            Clear easy to understand pictures.

Many techniques are shown from more than on angle so that the reader can see key details.  

Graphics illustrate and highlight key points.  

Detailed picture sequences take the guess work out determining how to transition from one phase of a move to the next. (A problem with most martial arts books.)  

200 pages of technique and details.  

Innovative format.  

Technique shown from multiple angles.  

Easy to follow picture flow.  

Techniques range from beginning to advanced.